The Molecule of Humanity

"A Message in Motion"
By adida.kavarro1~1

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters an enormous discovery beyond what it is expected is being prepared right now to be revealed to you and the public at large. I ask that you take everything seriously and to heart, for this is the only life you/we have right now. This discovery is of a magnitude that which no one can be excluded, this is what we have been looking for. However your participation is a requirement, if you "Love." I honor you all, TUNe iN...

"I am adida.kavarro brother of Mr.Rodin and everyone else on this page. For now examine the information on this page, and once again One love & TUNe iN..."

1)We are interplanetary beings here on orb ship Earth
2)The pure solution is for every1 to come 2gether,1~1.
3)Everyone is an ingredient that adds to the spice of this wonderful life/exp.
Misuse~ The misuse of knowledge, whether it be technology, building a civilization or any other mode in which the application of the "knowledge" is inharmonious with our "Universal Values."

Injustice~ The injustice of dilluting the "whole truth" as it relates within any occurences.

Mental Misconception~ The misconception that anything is ever seperate, including bodies of knowledge, occurences, ideas, and infinitly anything you can or have ever imagined.

Non-Hybrid Bio-electric perspective::::

One must first start with removing much of the dead animals and dairy products from their diet. There are also several vegetables on the market that are hybrids. These vegetables do not supply the body with any nutrients. Some people believe they are eating healthy foods when infact they are eating man made hybrids such as Tofu and Soy.

RECOMMENDED GOD-MADE, NON HYBRID FOODS (which means they are naturally alive, electric & NOT man-made in an artificial labratory.) If you are growing organic contact: for the highest quality fresh brewed living water you can get in the USA for farming purposes.
Amaranth greens – same as Callaloo, a variety of Spinach

PristineHydro, the water solution & much more::::

Protect yourself and your loved ones from:
• acid rain
• calcification
• disinfection by-products
• harmful chemicals
• insecticides
• fertilizer
• heavy metals
• fluoride
and vast array of pharmaceuticals—including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers, and sex hormones ... contaminants found in drinking water.
Pristine Hydro has created water purification systems unlike any other on the market. By combining the best technologies we offer an unparalleled water quality (a proprietary combination of carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, de-ionization, and re-mineralization). "The result is the best tasting, highly alkaline living water you can find."
-Glen Caulkins (president of PristineHydro)

Our antidote protocol consists of only the best products ("Best" meaning not containing more poisons):
Oraganic minerals (Shilajit)
Magnesium BiCarbonate (Ph Alkaline boost)
Fresh coastal wild flower B pollen
Soil based living microbes
E3 Live (Living Blue Green Algae)
*and of course our world famous body work program designed to eliminate calcification of the organs and tissue.

Please Visit: for more information.

Colloidal Silver Poisoning:::::

"Colloidal Minerals" Facts & Myths
By Steven E. Whiting PhD

With the tremendous success of trace mineral products in the marketplace, there naturally will be differences of opinion regarding type, form, source, etc. Unfortunately, most of this 'controversy' comes from the marketing departments of various firms attempting to cast aspersions on competing products. Many of the companies currently selling liquid mineral supplements have `jumped on the bandwagon' very recently, doing so with little or no knowledge of the product they are promoting.

It is tragic that the biggest source of nutritional information available to the public is the marketing hype delivered by companies whose goal is to simply sell a product rather than provide an education and information source to the clientele they service. Having worked intimately with mineral supplements for over 20 years,

Poisoned by Endocrine Disruptors:::::

An endocrine disruptor is a synthetic compound that mimics a natural hormone when it is absorbed by the body. It can turn on, turn off, or change normal signals. It can have the effect of altering normal hormone levels, triggering excessive action, or completely blocking a natural response. Any other bodily function controlled by hormones can also be affected. Some plant estrogens are naturally neutralized, others are easily excreted, and most do not accumulate in body tissue (unlike synthetic compounds and heavy metals). The half-life of a phytoestrogen is measured in minutes, while the half-life of various synthetic compounds, like DDT, may be years or even decades. Manmade chemicals that are known or suspected to influence the endocrine system are everywhere. All the latest and greatest, next-best-things that we now accept as “however-did-we-live-without-them” inventions are made with these chemicals.

They make our plastic products softer and easier to handle, our cosmetic creams and lotions smoother and longer-lasting, and our clothes and furnishings inflammable. They are used in clothing dye (especially denim!)

Zero-Point Energy w/ Marko Rodin::::

Marko Rodin has discovered a series of regularities in the decimal number system previously undocumented and overlooked by conventional mathematics and science. These patterns lay out on the surface and within the internal volume of a torus. Mathematicians, computer scientists and other leading scientific thinkers have tested and validated this revolutionary discovery, known as the Rodin Solution and often referred to as the Rodin Coil.