The Molecule of Humanity

"A Message in Motion"
By adida.kavarro1~1

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters an enormous discovery beyond what it is expected is being prepared right now to be revealed to you and the public at large. I ask that you take everything seriously and to heart, for this is the only life you/we have right now. This discovery is of a magnitude that which no one can be excluded, this is what we have been looking for. However your participation is a requirement, if you "Love." I honor you all, TUNe iN...

"I am adida.kavarro brother of Mr.Rodin and everyone else on this page. For now examine the information on this page, and once again One love & TUNe iN..."

1)We are interplanetary beings here on orb ship Earth
2)The pure solution is for every1 to come 2gether,1~1.
3)Everyone is an ingredient that adds to the spice of this wonderful life/exp.
Misuse~ The misuse of knowledge, whether it be technology, building a civilization or any other mode in which the application of the "knowledge" is inharmonious with our "Universal Values."

Injustice~ The injustice of dilluting the "whole truth" as it relates within any occurences.

Mental Misconception~ The misconception that anything is ever seperate, including bodies of knowledge, occurences, ideas, and infinitly anything you can or have ever imagined.

::A recent Ocurence::
One night i attended a late night drum circle around a fire pit at the beach. The music, the drums, the shakers certainly grooved/entrained me, I began to walk closer to the water away form the large group of about 40 people surrounding the fire pit. I remember looking out over the ocean and up into the heavens and seeing in my minds eye, imprinted on top of my “basic” two eye vision, a pathway that almost resembled a hallway with no roof. It began at my feet and then stretched all the way up to a certain star. The pathway narrowed the closer it got to the star, naturally. The clear feeling that ascended unto me was this. We “human beings” here on planet Earth are a energetic mix of many races and species all existing here together "in" one. And that the acceptance and revealing of this truth is the common thread in life's "progressive" unification.

Everyone needs each other*

This is a universal mechanism that is from micro to macro and is the direct effect of God aka "Source" emanating Spirit aka "Energy" which animates us in time and through space in a progressive manner. This understanding that a portion of everything is true is the mindstate that harmonizes with the naturally ascending energy flow also often referenced to as the natural mystic/ spirit/ dark matter/ scalar energy/ etc... This energy is a irrestable current, and thus through harmonizing, friction reduces into non-friction, from duality to realizing the triality. Harmonizing with the spin within the “wholeness thereof” aka "the Universe" is the essence and purpose of movement/ Life existing.

Our fellow people wonder why they see “the” ancient symbolism everywhere, etc... It is because, simply it is the mechanics of how to build anything in it’s simplest form, in this world. It's the correct structure of a building, a perspective or even a “free energy device." (see
These symbols / mechanics are similar in use to a gun, a pencil or even our own mouths. It can be used positively or negatively(i.e;push/pull,hot/cold,left/right,etc..fundemental)
Man can only model how god created, but he/she needs the insight to be able to see it and then the appreciation and life path to be able to apply it. 1~1

Within the universe, we are so blessed, a mechanism has and will always be in place that simply utilizes the negative/lower frequencies/roles or perpetuators, etc… as a kind of staircase for the energetic ascending ones who move towards their destiny.

This knowledge/perspective the Creator aka “God” gave us, is the perspective for which to be able to harmonize with the wholeness of the environment in which we exist, a way to work with it and groove and live, while experiencing the embedded "opportunity function" which is for us to learn true “Universal Values.”

This is what “common sense” is all about, and truth is that.
“Unity” is truly understanding both ways in which the knowledge/energy flow can go, to the extent of not being willing to ever exploit it again.