Zero-Point Energy w/ Marko Rodin::::

Marko Rodin has discovered a series of regularities in the decimal number system previously undocumented and overlooked by conventional mathematics and science. These patterns lay out on the surface and within the internal volume of a torus. Mathematicians, computer scientists and other leading scientific thinkers have tested and validated this revolutionary discovery, known as the Rodin Solution and often referred to as the Rodin Coil.
The Rodin Coil is a blueprint, or schematic of the universe, that enables anything to be engineered. By using the schematic of a Rodin Coil one can know the pathways and motion everything takes – past, present and future – from the quantum level up to solar systems and galaxies. Simply put, Rodin has discovered the underpinning geometry of the universe. He has found the missing energy behind the continuous creation and recreation of the universe.
Scientists refer to this missing energy as “dark matter” or “dark energy” because they have so far been unable to account for it. Finding this “dark energy” is the biggest scientific search of our times. And now we are here to share with you that Marko Rodin has found it, and we call it "Spirit."

What if the entire universe, including gravity and magnetism and history and everything in between, could be described by a single word? What if, from the beginning of recorded history, we had a template describing the convection patterns of the Sun, the movement of the galaxies, and the most efficient ways to harness electricity? If all of this knowledge was with us all along, but, since we saw it every day, we spent every day unknowingly passing over it?
Marko Rodin claims that there is such a message, and he found it. It is the decimal system. It is the numbers 0 through 9. It describes everything. To prove its validity he used it to model a coil he claimed would have properties ranging from unprecedented levels of inductance to the ability to revolutionize nuclear fusion. All of the claims he has made which are being tested are proving correct.

Marko Rodin, a researcher living in Hawai’i, has discovered a pattern in our base ten decimal system which happenes to describe every natural system in the universe from an atomic to universal level. It does more than unite physics with biology and gravity with magnetism; it shows them to all be part of the same ever-unfolding process. Which is interesting. But then I looked back at the pattern and saw that, not only did this system describe both the movement of galaxies and the structure of DNA, it also describes the movement of history. As far as I know, this is the first time that a breathtakingly simple relationship between the numbers 0 through 9 has been found to be both the model of molecular bonding and the course of human sociological evolution.

God Inspired Revolution of Identity…

Vortex-Based Mathematics is a new language. It is the elegant voice of Primal Point energy creation. It speaks the provable, workable, highly efficient language that springs from the initial creative impulse. The application of ‘source based math’ versus our present ‘cause and effect based math’ grounds our imaginations in previously impossible abilities.

When we embrace the real potential of Marko Rodin’s profound new abilities in technology, energy, health and education, it will also inform us about ourselves and how we create and harness our own personal abilities. Stimulating our imagination and utilizing the brains innate desire to seek novelty, new paradigms of perception will create new neural pathways. As we begin to embrace a math that expresses the language of quality, as opposed to the present language of quantity, the place from which we reason, judge and base our logic will evolve into new cultural structures based upon a God inspired source.