PristineHydro, the water solution & much more::::

Protect yourself and your loved ones from:
• acid rain
• calcification
• disinfection by-products
• harmful chemicals
• insecticides
• fertilizer
• heavy metals
• fluoride
and vast array of pharmaceuticals—including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers, and sex hormones ... contaminants found in drinking water.
Pristine Hydro has created water purification systems unlike any other on the market. By combining the best technologies we offer an unparalleled water quality (a proprietary combination of carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, de-ionization, and re-mineralization). "The result is the best tasting, highly alkaline living water you can find."
-Glen Caulkins (president of PristineHydro)

Our antidote protocol consists of only the best products ("Best" meaning not containing more poisons):
Oraganic minerals (Shilajit)
Magnesium BiCarbonate (Ph Alkaline boost)
Fresh coastal wild flower B pollen
Soil based living microbes
E3 Live (Living Blue Green Algae)
*and of course our world famous body work program designed to eliminate calcification of the organs and tissue.

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